Universiti Teknologi Mara(UITM)

PUBLISHED: 21 September, 2021
CATEGORY: Since Incorporation
CLIENT: Universiti Teknologi MARA(UITM)
  1. Enhancement to the Student Information System to add the following functionalities:
    • Modular billing – to allow student fees to be computed based on subjects and credit hours.
    • Internet bill payment – to allow payment of student fees over the internet.
  2. Enhancement to the Financial Information System to add the following functionalities:
    • Automatic income distribution – computes and distributes incomes into various funds.
    • Bank reconciliation – online integration to Affin Bank and Bank Islam to automatically reconcile payments of student fees.
    • Develop integration functions to allow integration with other legacy systems within UiTM.
    • Asset Management System – module enhancement to allow for tracking of assets via mobile asset tracker/reader.
    • Enhancement to Vendor and Procurement modules.
    • Migration from character based to web-based environment.
    • Development of Financial Portal which allows usage of the application by the various stakeholders (staff, students, public).
  3. Provide a comprehensive 3 year maintenance and support service for servers, operating systems, database, UPS, tape storage and Storage Area Network (SAN).
  4. Upgrading of overall infrastructure (servers, operating systems, database, tape storage and Storage Area Network) to allow the complete system to be implemented to all users nationwide.